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Google is indexing mobile sites first-

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mobiles first indexing

Now a days, it seems that most of the google searches are mobiles than desktop searches on a daily basis. Google will look at the content, links and structured data of the mobile version of your site.

Of course, if you do not have a mobile site, you will not have benefit of mobile-friendly ranking boost.

How can you prepare-

  • If you have a responsive website where the primary content is equivalent across mobile and desktop, you should not have to change anything in the site.

  • If you have a responsive website where the primary content is different across mobile and desktop, you should consider making some changes to your site.

      • Sites can verify the equivalence of their structured markup across desktop and mobile by using the structured data testing tool.

      • Avoid making the large content or mark up.

      • For verifying that your mobile version is accessible to google bot or not, use robots.txt testing tool.

          • Sites do not have to make changes to their canonical links.

      • If you are a site owner who has only verified your desktop site in Searching process, please add and verify your mobile version.

The goal with the change to a mobile-first index has to do with how people access the web today.

That is, they do so on their mobile devices, like their smartphone. In fact, the company google said last November that “most people” today are searching Google from mobile.

But Google’s ranking systems for webpages are a holdover from the days of the desktop web. That is, they still typically look at the desktop version of a page’s content in order to determine how it should be ranked and its relevance to the user.

if you have a fully responsive site, which is also  known as dynamic website you should already have everything present on your mobile version that is currently part of the desktop version, and your main challenge will simply be to ensure that the mobile experience is well optimized from a user perspective just like page speed, navigation etc.


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